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Basic Feather

BF Black

BF Black

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BF Black is former elite player Flemming Quach's favorite racket

"I've always liked racquets where the weight is pushed up towards the head. In singles there is typically less around the flat and fast game compared to the doubles, and therefore not as much pressure on the racket lead. For that reason, a head-heavy racket is optimal for me with my singles game.
Whether you play divisional or recreational singles, the BF Black is a great badminton racquet that I highly recommend."

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Racket description

BF Black is tailored for the attacking player looking for plenty of power and speed in their shots. With this racket, the weight distribution is pushed up towards the racket head.
The shaft is medium-stiff. This ensures that your strokes get the last percent at impact.

Racket specs

Weight: 88 g +-2, (3U)
Stiffness: medium-stiff
Balance point: 290 +-2 mm
Recommended tension: 10-12 kg

Stringing tension

You can purchase stringing of your racket according to your wishes for DKK 150*.
All our stringing is done by Basic Feather founder and former elite player Flemming Quach on a professional electric machine that provides maximum precision.

* The strings are made with the best string on the market of 0.68 mm in thickness.
This is carefully selected by Morten Frost and Flemming Quach, as it provides a good balance between ball-feeling, durability and sound.

Development and testing

At Basic Feather we have carefully selected and tested the material used for our badminton rackets. They are made from a special Japanese nanoray graphite that makes them rock solid and strong. The choice of material ensures that the frame, regardless of weight distribution, has high durability, strength and a certain flexibility.

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